How To Use TikTok to Create Your Ecommerce Business, Maintain 40- 90%+ Profit Margins, And Remove Yourself Entirely From Day to Day Operations In 45 Days Or Less…

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Presenter: Steve Dansby

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Why Work With Us?

What an great question, if you weren’t at least a little skeptical I would be worried.
Even if you take away our satisfied clients, testimonials, case studies, etc. we’re still one of the best bets you have on the market today.


Well, our clients have been exactly where you are now.

They had invested a good amount of money in starting their own online brand. They believed in their products and to be honest virtually all of our clients have great products (we don't usually accept clients selling crap)

Another thing that is common is to try to sell in person and at events constantly. While, this is a smart method on occasion, it isn't sustainable. 

After months of trying this business owners grow frustrated because it gets difficult trying to bring in new customers.

This is why we created a data-driven method that helps you not only gain new customers but retain and get repeat business from your previous customers.... using ecommerce platforms like TikTok Shop

the BEST part?...we apply it without a Ton of extra work on your part.

In short, we help investors and entrepreneurs $500 - $1500 extra a month using the power of ecommerce.

If they can do it, so can you.